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UV-C Germicidal Light

99,99% effectiveness against all surface and airborne viruses & bacteria

Custom UVC Systems

Custom UV-C systems, suited to your needs and facilities 

Our UV-C disinfection products: 

chariot désinfection NanoPur-T


150 Watts UV-C lamp on a trolley

The first UV-C trolley for businesses, healthcare professionals  and public facilities designed and manufactured in France. Its design meets the growing need for rapid and effective disinfection in the current context without neglecting health and safety.

Purificateur d'air




Smart Air Purifier

The R500 is a smart air purifier equipped with 2 UVC Lamps and a HEPA filter. It neutralizes 99.97% of airborne particles, viruses and bacteria that pass through its chamber. Guarantee the air quality of rooms up to 100m².
Designed and manufactured in France.

système uvc Nanoshield


Automated Disinfection Robot

This is the pinnacle of current UV-C solutions for large premises: its exclusive algorithm scans the volumes to be disinfected and runs UV-C until all areas are completely disinfected. An array of sensors, electronics and powerful UV-C lamps allow for thorough, rapid and autonomous disinfections: 50m² in 2 to 5 minutes (depending on the pathogen sought after).


They trust us:

Festival d'Avignon

Disinfection systems suited to your premises and occupation

Dentistes, médecins, pharmacies, cliniques et Ehpad

Healthcare professionals, dentists, pharmacies, and nursing homes

Établissements scolaires ou de formation

Schools, education and training centers

Bureaux et salles de réunion en entreprise

Offices and corporate conference rooms

Lieux culturels et touristiques

Tourism & Cultural sites

Écrans, bornes et automates

Touch screens, terminals, and vending machines

Cafés, hôtels et restaurants

Cafés, hotels, and restaurants

Commerces, magasins et supermarchés

Shops, stores, and supermarkets

espaces publics

Public facilities and buildings

Pôle de mobilité et de transport

Transport hubs, public transit, and airports

Customized UV-C Light desinfection solutions

All of our UV-C disinfection solutions are safe and easy to use. The devices are manufactured in our workshops and lab-tested in France.

We develop innovative UV-C light disinfection systems, allowing anyone to use a technology that is effective against all known pathogens.  UV-C light disinfection has been used for over 30 years in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry.

Our products are an efficient, ecological, and economical means of securing your employees, visitors, and patients. Give them reassurance by communicating via the kit provided with the equipment.

All of our solutions benefit from a 3-year parts and labor warranty with a level of assistance that is sure to meet the expectations of our customers.

Built-in Quality

We use durable materials made to last
Every step of manufacturing is inspected and finished by hand for guaranteed excellence

Customized projects

You have specific needs, constraints and precise demands? Our team possesses a specific set of skills and knowledge to meet your expectations.

Customer Assistance and Warranty

All our products are designed, assembled, and tested in-house.
Our customer service is available to assist you.
An inclusive 3-year warranty applies to all our products.

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